Gus Galloway Realty, Inc, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

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Gus Galloway Realty
Serving North Central Florida for over 40 years.

"Our Specialties are commercial real estate and acreage tracts. We have the experience necessary to make your transaction a success. Give us a call, you will be impressed." - Nolan (Gus) Galloway Jr. 

Gus Galloway Realty began as a general real estate company in 1975 after changing the name of the company from Charlie Rogers Realty and Investment with whom Gus began his career. Gus Galloway Realty operated as a general real estate company for several years brokering virtually all types of real estate in Marion County having 25 associates at and a staff of three including a manager.

Gus began to shift the emphasis of the company to commercial real estate first with a commercial division then finally evolving into a company only involved with commercial real estate activity having earned designations in the commercial real estate industry.

The company philosophy is simply to add value to each client with professional service and knowledge. We want to do what we say – show up on time – finish the job – and say please and thank you. You can count on getting an honest opinion every time.

A recent addition to the company is Nolan Galloway III who has completed a Master of Arts in Real Estate from the University of Florida as well as GIS certification expanding the level of professional service.

Gus Galloway Realty performs regularly as a tenant rep, landlord rep, site selector, Agency for both buyers and sellers and also consulting in certain areas.
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