Client List - Ocala Florida

Commercial Clients & Customers
Ocala Manufacturing Co. (Not Inc.)
Microdyne, Inc.
All State Insurance
Ocala Airport Commerce Center
Resolution Trust Corporation
Lowe's Companies
Barnett Bank of Florida
First Union Bank of Ocala
Maxfly Aviation
Altisa Corporation
Edwards Construction, Inc.
Consolidated Electrical Distributors
Sauey & Sauey Properties
Emergency One
Target Stores
Sonic Drive, Inc.
American General Life Ins. Company
South Pine Associates
Atlantic Gulf Communities
AFC, Inc.
Central Florida Security
California Federal
The Mid City Bank of Chicago
Streicher Enterprises
Mark III Industries
Pioneer Metals
Bryan Industrial Properties
Campaign Graphics
Boyd Development Company
Oceanside/William Adam
True North Investments
Alumax, Inc.
Mike Powell Insurance
Castro Convertibles
Waste Alternatives, Inc.
Riblet Products, Inc.
Sun Bank of Florida
SouthTrust Bank of Ocala
Crane Development Corp.
Sunshine Telecommunications
CSX Railroad
Mantovani Investments, Inc.
Lipton Tea Company
Sterling Foods
Allied Discount Tires
Custom Window Systems
Gator Building Materials
Vineland Construction
Moore-Handley, Inc.
Gannet Receiving, Inc.
Ocala Nissan
Vantage Industries
Oakland City College
Ocala Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Carlton Manufacturing
Cheney Brothers
Flair Corporation